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1. Fill In Form Below With Your Message For Your Clients.
2. Upload Who It's Going To.
3. We Take It From There.

Pay As You Go! No Monthly Payments or Contracts!



1. Texts Drive Customer Engagement

A whopping 98% of text messages get opened. What’s more, text marketing has up to a 30.5x higher clickthrough rate (CTR) compared to email marketing, and a recent study on mobile coupons found that 25% of consumers would redeem a mobile coupon within three days, and 60% of consumers would redeem a mobile coupon within a week — which is faster than coupons delivered through email.

2. Texts are Cost-Effective

WIth TZDesignstudio’s flexible payment plans you have the ability to market directly to your loyal customers, clients and consumers without paying for pay per click advertising that can be random, costly and ineffective.

3. Texts are FAST & DIRECT

Say Hello to instantly getting your message out and Say goodbye to your customers SPAM folder!
For businesses that want to send time-sensitive bulletins or offer flash promotions and giveaways, there is no longer any delay. With text marketing, this delay is typically non-existent. As long as recipients have their smartphone powered on and they have cellular/Wi-Fi connection, then they will get the text immediately.

Example: “Our office will be closed due to the major storm but we are still available by phone.”

Example: “We’re giving away a free backup power supply to the first 10 customers who respond to this message!”

What separates TZDesignstudio’s Concierge SMS Service from other text services out there?
Full Concierge Service: Craft your unique SMS text message of 160 characters or less and TZDesignstudio handles the rest!
No software interfaces, customer lists, passwords and all the “techy stuff” or frustrating learning curve to deal with.
You get to stay focused on your business while we handle the rest.

☎️Dedicated local phone number.

📱160 Character SMS Text which can include links to different landing pages, coupons, registrations etc.

🎖Full Concierge Service: You send us the message, we handle the rest!

📋Monthly Reports to track engagement & open rates.

Setup Time 3-5 Business days

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